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Monday, August 13, 2012 | Latest audio lessons → VOA Learning English

Team From Ukraine Wins Top Honors at Microsoft's Imagine Cup Finals

The VOA special english technology report. More than 350 students from 75 nations work in Sydney Austrilia last week for the IMAGE Cup finals.

This is the 10th microsoft corperation has organised the competition.Each year the company invited ss to use their love of technology to solve some of the worlds most difficult problem.

Austrilia priminiter Julia guilered welcomed the competitors.

"Welcome to Sydney,congratulations on the achievements that have brought you here.we look forward to seeing few of your creative work this wake in years to come.The world does have tough problems,we fortunate to have paper like u who have a passion to solve them.Enjoy the image cup."

Microsoft Daniel Luin also spoke at the opening ceremony.

"Programs like image cup in the dreams parts of programs u are aticipated in are the fundation upon which young and ss like yourselve with a big dreams can make a difference in the world."

This year,more than 250,000 ss registered for the image cup.116 world invitors to the finals.\\ is with microsoft Australia,she was a specially pleased as a number of women completing.

That's why we have through the 20 percent of you in the compeition to share a woman in the \\ Bill Gates,you will be next billin gates. So, i'm excited to see that represent today.

Microsoft announce the women teams the last Tuesday at its world festival and worlds ceremony. A team from the ..won the image cups top honour."the great honour,the first ....

The teams unable to talk software program helps people who are totally or parcially unable to here,it changes scien language hand movements into speach.

This is them using special loves and a smart phone application.Loves capture the scei language hand movements and send them to a smart phone equipt with a special ap.the ap compares those images to stored hand lan science and play the worlds representive by the science.

The team will receive 25000 dollars to support development down its idea.Team from in the United States won first place in the game design for phone competition.The dragons designed the game to help ss better understand mathmatics.And tin,tai,taim from Thailand won first place in the game design exbox windows competition.The team designed the game that helps teach young people about the words deforestation problem.

And that's the VOA special english technology report,written by..i'm steven ember.