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Wednesday, September 5, 2012 | Latest audio lessons → VOA Learning English

Teen Summer: Coco's Story

COCO: "I'm Coco."

CW: "Coco? Well, that's really a cute name. Were you named after Coco Chanel [the fashion designer]?"

COCO: "My full name is actually Cordelia. It's just a shorter version for me."

CW: "And what made you want to work at a theater camp?"

COCO: "I've actually been attending this theater camp since I was three years old. So it's kind of a tradition for me to come back, and I love working with kids."

CW: "And are you interested in a future in the theater?"

COCO: "Yes, on the more tech side. At my school I do a lot with that."

CW: "And what is the tech side?

COCO: "Building the sets. Hanging lights. If anyone needs a microphone. That kind of thing."

CW: "I see. So, if you're a rising tenth grader, you're not probably quite thinking about college yet."

COCO: "Not quite yet. I have a basic idea."

CW: "Um-huh. Well, thank you so much for talking to us."

COCO: "Thank you."