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Thursday, December 6, 2012 | Latest audio lessons → VOA Learning English

In Asia, an App to Bridge ASEAN Language Barriers

A company in Thailand says it has created a tool to help reduce language barriers among countries in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

The company developed an application or app for smartphones. It is called ASEAN One. The app will explain about 100 useful explanations in English and the ten languages of ASEAN. The software company is called iGnite Asia. Jirath Pavaravadhana is its head.

JIRATH PAVARAVADHANA: "The language would be the main theme. But, apart from language, you would have like currency, directories, map and everything."

IGNITE ASIA OFFICE MARKETING HEAD TOUR AND STAFF AT COMPUTERS Nataphol Pavaravadhana is head of marketing for iGnite Asia.

NATAPHOL PAVARAVADHANA: "So, we intend to penetrate the market by using the university connection. And, another one is to the government support." Advertising will pay for ASEAN One, so the app will be free for anyone using it. I'm Mario Ritter.